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We thank the researchers Elisa Brusegan, PhD, and Massimo Triches, PhD for having dedicated their work to Starter’s Be.Bi and Biochar Plus projects and to ELSA stove concept, recognizing its potential for marginal communities: “ELSA is a simple device, which adapts to local conditions by making appreciable changes on a much larger scale”. OFFICINA n.31…
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Starter at COP25 in Madrid: biochar and Africa

For the first time, pyrogenic capture and storage (PyCCS) has been included into IPCC Report 2018 as one of the possible viable Negative Emissions Technologies (NET) for carbon dioxide removal, thus positioning biochar as one climate change mitigation options. On behalf of the Africa Biochar partnership and of the International Biochar Initiative, Mrs. Lucia Brusegan…
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Greening the Locarno-Milano-Venezia waterway

The Province of Novara has launched the project on the Locarno-Milan-Venice waterway “Slowmove”, focusing on slow and environmental consistent mobility improvement. Financed by the Italy-Switzerland 2014-2020 cross-border cooperation program, the project improves the sustainable use of this waterway through an online portolan chart and the integration of landings and moorings, networking infrastructures already implemented, such…
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