Project LDP VeGAL 2014-2020

Project LDP VeGAL 2014-2020
EC Programme:
RDP-EAFRD Veneto Region 2014-2020 Measure 19

Project: VeGAL Local Development Plan 2014-2020

Client: VeGAL – LAG Eastern Venice – Portogruaro VE – Italy

Duration: the task included the drafting of Local Development Plan and was fulfilled between November 2015 and April 2016. LDP will be valid from the date of approval (which will be in Summer 2016) till the end of the present programming period.

Task: Starter assisted the client in the management of all participatory activities (bottom-up approach), the drafting of both a context analysis and the final document.


Description: Since 1992, the EU has promoted rural development through LEADER approach (Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l’Économique Rurale). Local Action Groups (LAG) represent the operational instrument of LEADER approach. Their task is local organisation and management of the resources assigned by the European Commission to rural areas in a specific measure of Rural Development Plans (RDP).
LAG’s activities are planned in a Local Development Plan (LDP), a programming document in which local actors (public entities, stakeholders, associations, farmers, and other citizens) plan the use of these resources, by applying common rules settled by both the Commission and Managing Authority – Veneto Region, in this case.
Starter’s task consisted in both promoting local actors’ consultation and drafting the document to send to the Managing Authority for evaluation. The document includes a context analysis needed to identify strengths and weaknesses of the area as well as its needs. It also contains a list of financeable interventions arranged in two key projects, one dedicated to strengthening the bike trails network and the other focused on strengthening Eastern Venice Food Park.
Overall, LDP will use around 7 Million Euro for territorial development, of which 15% approx. will be used for the LAG management, while the rest will be allocated among local beneficiaries either through calls for projects or through direct implementation and delivery wherever the LAG has already identified public beneficiaries.
LDP is integrated with a specific “Communication Plan”, to promote the initiatives that the LAG will finance, disseminate about completed projects and favour operations’ transparency as well as citizens’ awareness of both the role played by the LAG and the importance of using the resources provided by the Commission properly.