Project SIGMA 2 (awarded as EU Best Life project)

Project SIGMA 2
EC Programme:

Project: SIGMA 2 – Transnational network for the sustainable management of environment and biodiversity.

Client: GAL Carso/LAS Kras Trieste
Kmečka zveza – Associazione Agricoltori Trieste
University of Primorska – Koper SLO

Duration: From 1st September 2009 until 31st December 2014

Task: Support to administrative project management and drafting of technical materials on biodiversity in Carso.


Description: The project carries out studies and analyses to improve the knowledge of the territory, the development of environment models and the preparation of biodiversity preservation areas, such as Mediterranean gardens and fields for germplasm conservation. Moreover, the project includes building a Centre for Mediterranean Cultures (CMC) that will represent a permanent structure dedicated to environment preservation in the Programme area.
Starter’s task included providing some partners with assistance to administrative and organisational project management, contributing to both the preparation of some technical tool (e.g. guidelines for biodiversity preservation) and project results dissemination. From July 2013 Starter was also project partner.