EC Programme:
Life 2014-2020

Project: River Functionality Index as planning instrument for a good governance of Sile’s ecosystem – SILIFFE

Client: Ente Parco Regionale del fiume Sile (Regional Park of Sile river)

Duration: From 1st September 2015 until 31st December 2018

Task: Support to technical and administrative project management.


Description: The project will valorise the entire ecological network of Sile River through the application of the River Functionality Index, which will represent the starting point to define the functional status of a water body. Subsequently, the project will start a requalification process to both preserve riparian areas and prepare new peri-fluvial zones through purchase of land. Some water springs will be restored and suitable norms for proper territorial management will be issued.
Preservation of Natura 2000 network is a major project objective, which is committed to ensuring proper and long-lasting management of habitats – some of which are priority habitats (91E0*) and of species of community interest – such as, crayfish (Astromotamobius pallipes), marble trout (Salmo marmoratus), and Po-lamprey (Lethenteron zanandreai).
The areas with best ecological quality will be improved and preserved, to create some strongholds for nature conservation and preserve areas threatened by decay, including fight against alien species. Concurrently, important relations will people that operate in the park area – e.g. farmers, fishers and citizens – will be developed.
Starter’s task is to assist the Park in technical and administrative project management as well as to facilitate the relations with the European Commission and prepare both technical and financial reporting.