Let’s go! Starter’s experts are leaving to Ethiopia and Burundi for a new field mission

Lucia Brusegan, Laura Bano and David Bluhm of Starter’s team are leaving again to Africa. The mission aim is to monitor the pilot project sponsored by the World Bank and coordinated by Starter. The project focusses on the application of biochar in 20 sites of rural areas in Burundi and the analysis of key factors to introduce the pyrolytic clean cooking stove ELSA.
This technology is fundamental for the simultaneous achievement of the following benefits: improving the populations’ health, protecting forests and increasing agricultural productivity. Several meetings and workshops are planned, both in Ethiopia and Burundi, with key stakeholders in order to disseminate the promising results achieved so far: the pilot application of biochar to bean crops showed great potential. The production increased by more than 60%.

Etiopia e Burundi  Etiopia e Burundi