Published today the call 2014 of the new LIFE programme

With a 2 days delay compared to the official forecast, the call 2014 of the new LIFE programme 2014-2020 has been published in the European Commission web site (here) today.
The call makes totally available for the applicants 283.122.966 Euros, more than 80% of them reserved to the sub-programme ‘Environment’ and the
rest for the sub-programme for ‘Climate Action’. The available documents include the application guidelines that constitute a fundamental tool for the full understanding of the programme and for tailoring the projects on the specific requirements of the call.
As already anticipated by the EC the deadline for the submission of the ‘traditional’ projects is the 16th October at 16.00 (Bruxelles time) and the submission will be undertaken only by mean of the eProposal portal. Different dates and procedures for the submission are established for other kinds of projects introduced in this new programme period (preparatory actions, integrated projects, technical assistance projects, etc.).